HiSmart by Lepow

The HiSmart at New York Fashion Week

A new trend is emerging, in which the fashion industry is blending with the rapidly developing world of technology. As we advance technologically, we want our clothing and gadgets to advance as well.  The wearable technology market is growing at an unbelievable pace.  Consumers are now demanding watches, glasses, clothing, and other accessories that are not just stylish, but technologically practical.

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Black & Cognac: The Colors of Sophistication and Class

In developing the HiSmart bag, we concluded that the two colors that would best fit our new high tech wearable were cognac and black.  At first glance, both are simple colors, nothing that would turn heads or cause someone to strike up a conversation.  But cognac and black are two colors that are staples in the fashion world, colors that we believe best highlight the HiSmart.

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