Setting the Trend: The History and Future of Bags

The main purpose of a bag is, without a doubt, to carry ones personal belongings.  However, the bag has transformed from its original purpose as fashion and technology have developed.  For over a century the bag has combined practicality with style to create a completely new facet of fashion.

The bag, as a fashion statement, started in Europe in the late 19th century.  The handbags that we see women carrying today originally developed out of the need for luggage during travel on the newly built railroads.  The latches, pockets, and handles that we see on handbags in the modern era developed from their necessity as luggage pieces during this time period.  As the demand for such bags grew, so did their status as a fashionable accessory.

By the Second World War the handbag had become a statement of fashion.  However, during this period the handbag took on a more pragmatic role.  As women entered the workplace in wartime, they needed a bag that was both fashionable and could serve their needs.

Likewise, the briefcase quickly became the male equivalent of the handbag.  It was a sign of both style and sophistication.  The briefcase was often associated with successful lawyers, businessmen, and salesmen.

The late 20th century saw the explosion of the handbag as the symbol of modern fashion.   Women, and to a lesser extent men, carried handbags of all styles, colors, and fabrics.  Well known fashion designers lead the way in producing the most highly sought after bags.  These handbags embodied various styles that appealed to a broad range of people.

In the 21st century the bag is changing again especially for men’s bag. We are entering a new digital era where the Internet and being online plays a significant role in our lives. It is only fitting that we are combining elements of our high tech society with the bag. The Lepow HiSmart bridges the gap between technology, practicality, and fashion. The HiSmart is perfect for urban inhabitants who are constantly on the run, and perpetually connected to their phones, laptops, and tablets. The Lepow HiSmart streamlines and consolidates your technology so that you don’t miss a beat. It acts as an extremely efficient extension of your smart devices. You can link up your phone or tablet to the HiSmart in order to answer calls, listen to music, and ensure that you never lose your device, all without taking it out of your bag. The combination of style and technological innovation makes the HiSmart the perfect bag for anyone on the move in the digital age.

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