The HiSmart at New York Fashion Week

A new trend is emerging, in which the fashion industry is blending with the rapidly developing world of technology. As we advance technologically, we want our clothing and gadgets to advance as well.  The wearable technology market is growing at an unbelievable pace.  Consumers are now demanding watches, glasses, clothing, and other accessories that are not just stylish, but technologically practical.

Lepow has entered the relatively untapped market of “smart bags.” The HiSmart is the first of its kind, as it answers the call for both style and technological compatibility.  The HiSmart appeals to young urban dwellers who want to experience as much as possible, while still remaining connected to their smart devices.  With this bag you can access your smart phone, iPad or tablet, listen to music, take pictures, and track your location.  The HiSmart is especially convenient for the urban lifestyle as it can be easily used anywhere on the go.  It is perfect for use on mass transit, or while you are simply exploring the city.  It’s hands free technology ensures that while you are on move, your devices are only one button away.          

The HiSmart is not only practical in its application, but it is also a model for style and sophistication.  Recently featured in New York’s Fashion Week, the HiSmart is a perfect example of the new marriage between style and technology.  The HiSmart can be converted to either a messenger bag or backpack, depending on your preference.  It’s sleek and modern look, along with its technological capabilities, adds a new dimension to the already fashionable handbag industry.  There is no doubt that the HiSmart is the first of its kind in providing mobile urban dwellers with a way to move fast and stay connected, all with the touch of a button.

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