Three Things to Help You Better Understand the HiSmart


Believe it or not, the HiSmart has become the hottest wearable in the crowdfunding world! It only took 30 hours to reach our $50K goal on Indiegogo, and 1 week to achieve a $100K total.

We have received many encouraging comments and feedback from HiSmart fans who are excited to discover more about the HiSmart. That’s why we decided to collect some of our fans most interesting questions and put together a series of articles ranging from the design story, the team, the wearable industry as a whole, and the success of crowdfunding.

First up, lets talk about design.

Smart Design for Multiple Lives

In creating the HiSmart, we wanted to address the issue of limited choices for men and women when they are choosing a suitable bag for the office. With the HiSmart there are no more struggles to find the right bag. The HiSmart fits all occasions and all carrying capacity needs, while keeping every device organized on the inside.

Typically, men don’t buy a variety of bags like women do. It is not often that you see a man buy multiple bags for multiple purposes. At most you may see a man carrying a briefcase, backpack, or messenger bag.

We wanted to create a bag that looked professional in the office, but could also be used for casual weekend outings.  

In order to bring this vision to life we decided to make a convertible bag. Rather than be limited to one look, the user can change the bag’s orientation. In addition the HiSmart solves the issue of space. There are times when you may carry too little, or too much. For the HiSmart to change from a messenger bag to a backpack, it needed to be able to make room for items such as tablets, laptops, and textbooks.

Simplify Your Life on the Road

Most people want to find the simplest way to use their phone. This is especially true for commuters. They are often in a rush and want as much trouble in the morning as I do (that is none). The bag solves that problem with one simple push of a button. The HiSmart remote allows you to remember where you parked your car or how to get to your favorite new spots. You can record any inspirational ideas that you have in seconds, without taking time to find the right app on your crowded phone. It can pick up phone calls without taking out your phone. In addition, you can easily find your phone through HiSmart. It can even solve problems such as unwanted dinner invitations, by making your phone ring and pretending it is a phone call!!

The Secret to Keeping Your Life Connected

The focus of staying connected to the HiSmart is the strap, which is equipped with four buttons, each with several functions. The + and – buttons are used to control music volume, as well as skip songs forward or backwards. The triangle button functions without the app, letting you answer or ignore phone calls, and play music.

The circle button is used primarily for the functions that are used in conjunction with the HiSmart app (coming soon on App Store) such as pinning location, voice recording, phone alerts, and picture taking. After selecting the functions that you want activated, you can just push the button without taking your phone out (except when taking a selfie). 

The technology used in the HiSmart is two Bluetooth chips which we placed into one remote. In the market, nobody has combined the two together, as they are usually sold separately. What once took two separate products to create this function now can be done with our HiSmart. The phone on your hand connects to the HiSmart via a LE 4.0 Bluetooth (which uses less battery life and has a more stable connection).

Anything Else Important to Know?

The HiSmart is the world’s first smart convertible urban bag. It is currently accepting $199 pre-order on Indiegogo. Find out more here.

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