7 Reasons Why the HiSmart is More Beneficial to Your Life than the Smartwatch

The world seems to be going crazy over the Smartwatch, the latest addition to the rapidly growing industry of wearables.  But the HiSmart from Lepow, recently featured on Wired, may actually be more useful for everyday life than the Smartwatch.  The HiSmart might not tell time, but so what?  That’s just about the only thing that the Smart Watch has a leg up on in this race.  Here are 8 reasons why the HiSmart is just plain better.

1. It Carries All Your Things: I bet you didn’t think that we’d start out with this, but hey the HiSmart is a bag.  The Smart Watch can carry exactly…nothing.  The HiSmart holds everything you need, and allows you to be just as mobile as you would with a watch on your wrist.

2. Selfies Are Easy: Making duckfaces at the back of your hand will certainly make onlookers cringe.  But with the HiSmart you can take selfies with ease by just clicking the HiRemote.  Plus, no more selfie sticks!

3. Jam Out: You can connect your headphones directly to the HiSmart and play all of your favorite songs with a single tap.  Besides, it would be kind of weird if you plugged headphones into your wristwatch

4. Its Waterproof: Smartwatches are water resistant, meaning they can get a little wet.  But the HiSmart’s canvas exterior actually makes it waterproof, so you can take it with you anywhere.

5. Never Lose Your Bag: Its not too hard to set your watch down and completely forget where you put it.  But the HiSmart is a bag, something thats pretty hard to lose track of.  And if you do lose track of it, don’t worry your phone will tell you the last place you lost connection with it.

6. Rest Your Eyes: With the Smartwatch, you still have to squint at a tiny screen and scroll through pages of apps.  The HiSmart eliminates the screen altogether and replaces it with a single button.

7. Free Your Hands: Lets face it, the Smartwatch is just a mini extension of your smartphone.  You still have to use your hands to operate it.  The HiSmart liberates you from excessive technology just enough so that you can get out and enjoy the day without having your phone in your hands.

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