The 45 Degree Angle

The Egyptian Pyramids, the fulcrum, the pythagorean theorem, and now…the HiSmart? What these four, very different concepts and objects have in common is that they use the triangle. What could a triangle possibly have to do with a smart bag you might ask? To put it simply the triangle is the most sturdy and stable shape possible. It is for this reason that we have used the 45 degree angle in the HiSmart. By using a 45 degree angle between the strap and body we are saving you almost 30% of the strength you would use to carry a normal bag, not bad right.

When we first set out to create the HiSmart our goal was not only to develop a product that would merge technology and fashion, but also to create something that was durable, comfortable, and easy to use.  Lets face it, nobody wants a geometry lesson right now. So we did all the math for you so that you can enjoy the HiSmart in the best way possible.

wearable pyramid 45degrees lepow geometry hismart