INSIDE HISMART HQ: Work Hard, Play Hard


At HiSmart, we believe in working hard and playing harder. Our offices should be as creative as our minds so we are able to create more and more fun products. Come and take a tour of our HQ in Shenzhen.

The entrance to our office where there are rows of work desks. We don’t believe in isolating using cubicles and prefer an open work space. Everyone collaborates together and works as a team to finish projects.

During lunchtime, there are options of eating outside, taking a nap or bringing your own lunch. If you brought your own lunch, you can enjoy it in the little area we have set up.

Have some creator’s block? Take a little break and play some ping pong or pool. We also have two treadmills available overlooking a view.

There you have it, the office where creativity takes first priority over everything else. What do you guys think about our office? :)

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