INSIDE HISMART: Designing the Packaging


We’re all kids at heart and what’s better than getting a wrapped gift on Christmas Day? When the HiSmart arrives at your doorstep, you’ll feel the child in your shout with joy. Below are the different versions of packaging we came up with after doing some research.

Version 1: Transformer Box

We had originally thought about using this style to create the packaging, but after considering function, it would be much use. The packaging would only be able to hold HiSmart and can’t be reused to store other belongs you might have.

Version 2: The Minimalist Box

We were inspired by the beautiful boxes that came with high quality fashion brands. We thought: “HiSmart is of such calibur, so why not?” Behold - this amazing box with a Indiana Jones-esque trap-door latch. It keeps the packaging to a bare minimum without skimping on quality. It perfectly fits HiSmart and can be reused to store shoes, mementos or anything you hold dear.

Which version of the packaging did you like? Leave a comment below :)

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