HiSmart by Lepow

The HiSmart Behind The Scenes

For 2 years the Lepow team has been hard at work developing the HiSmart bag.  The HiSmart began as nothing more than an idea, however it has grown to become an innovative product in the rapidly growing field of wearable technology.

The Lepow team oversaw everything that went into the creation of the HiSmart.  The brainstorming, sketching, development, design, manufacturing, and presentation of the HiSmart were difficult tasks, yet the team’s hard work paid off with the finished product.

In making the HiSmart come to life, Lepow wanted to create something that appealed to the urban city dweller. In an age where people are constantly connected to their smart devices, Lepow decided to develop a unisex bag that would allow for such connectivity.

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