Apple Watch + HiSmart Giveaway

The Apple Watch is a music player like an iPod; a fitness tracker with heart-rate measurements; a communications device that will send and receive messages, calls and audio recordings; and a handheld portal to other apps, too. It also makes payments via Apple Pay. It can also control your Apple TV and act as a remote for connected smart-home devices. The Apple Watch seems intent on being a synthesis of many other smart watches, trying to knit together all of these features into a coherent whole. In some ways, the Apple Watch’s notifications, voice-activated controls, and swipe-to-glance features feel like elements of Google’s Android Wear watches. And the focus on apps and built-in features like voice calling seem like what the Samsung’s Tizen OS-based Gear watches have tried to aim for in the past.


We are partnering with The Gadget Flow to give away 2 HiSmart Bags and 1 Apple Watch.   Enter using Rafflecopter to win! Don’t forget to like and share the news with your friends!  This giveaway is only for U.S. residents and it will last 3 weeks.  The winners will be announced through our social media channels and this blog post on Wednesday May 27th.  To participate please follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter above.

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