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We are partnering with The Gadget Flow to give away 2 HiSmart Bags and 1 Apple Watch.   Enter using Rafflecopter to win! Don’t forget to like and share the news with your friends!  This giveaway is only for U.S. residents and it will last 3 weeks.  The winners will be announced through our social media channels and this blog post on Wednesday May 27th.  To participate please follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter above.

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7 Reasons Why the HiSmart is More Beneficial to Your Life than the Smartwatch

The world seems to be going crazy over the Smartwatch, the latest addition to the rapidly growing industry of wearables.  But the HiSmart from Lepow, recently featured on Wired, may actually be more useful for everyday life than the Smartwatch.  The HiSmart might not tell time, but so what?  That’s just about the only thing that the Smart Watch has a leg up on in this race.  Here are 8 reasons why the HiSmart is just plain better.

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The HiSmart Bag: Canvas

The HiSmart bag is the latest in wearable technology from the Silicon Valley mobile accessories company Lepow. What makes the HiSmart bag stand out most is its functionality and practicality. It can link up with any of your smart devices, play music, make phone calls, take pictures and track your location. However, a closer look will reveal that the HiSmart is a truly durable and fashionable bag, particularly useful for urban dwellers that are constantly on the go.

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The HiSmart at New York Fashion Week

A new trend is emerging, in which the fashion industry is blending with the rapidly developing world of technology. As we advance technologically, we want our clothing and gadgets to advance as well.  The wearable technology market is growing at an unbelievable pace.  Consumers are now demanding watches, glasses, clothing, and other accessories that are not just stylish, but technologically practical.

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Black & Cognac: The Colors of Sophistication and Class

In developing the HiSmart bag, we concluded that the two colors that would best fit our new high tech wearable were cognac and black.  At first glance, both are simple colors, nothing that would turn heads or cause someone to strike up a conversation.  But cognac and black are two colors that are staples in the fashion world, colors that we believe best highlight the HiSmart.

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