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Jayflex, a new fitness company, has launched its first patent-pending fitness product on Kickstarter today. They’re called CrossGrips, and they’re designed to bring something new and innovative to the fitness gear industry.

As the world’s first multi-gym fitness handles, CrossGrips can transform from pull-up handles to push-up handles to the size of a book, making them both versatile and compact. The mission of CrossGrips is to bring users a complete upper-body workout they can take with them wherever they go.

Ethan Abbott, the founder and CEO of Jayflex, had a vision for CrossGrips from the beginning. He explains: “I’m passionate about the benefits of staying fit and active, but crowded gym expenses and bulky at-home equipment inspired me to find a new workout solution. That’s where the idea for CrossGrips was born. We created a fitness product that fits anywhere so that you can be fit anywhere.”

Abbott and his team built prototype after prototype to make his vision a reality: a fitness product that would live up to its mantra of enabling users to be fit anywhere. With a finished product that weighs in at 1.9 pounds per handle and fits with ease into a backpack, they feel they’ve accomplished what they set out to do. Additionally, CrossGrips’ patent-pending internal spring mechanism allows the handles to be secured to almost any doorframe. “We’ve designed CrossGrips to be more portable, secure, and multipurpose than other pull-up bar alternatives. We’re stoked about the competitive edge our product has as a result,” Abbott says.

In addition to doubling as pull-up and push-up handles, CrossGrips serve as an anchor for sit-ups and other fitness extensions (e.g. bands and straps). These options make CrossGrips an even more versatile piece of equipment for the hotel room, the office, or the in-laws’ basement—because that’s the mission of CrossGrips, after all: to be fit anywhere.

Jayflex is following in the footsteps of many other successful start-up companies by using Kickstarter as its launching ground for CrossGrips. With Matt Alexander (founder of the Kickstarter success IllumiBowl Toilet Night Lights) on the Jayflex team, there is experience in the company with running a smooth and reliable campaign.

Pre-order from Indiegogo


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