Frequently Asked Questions

Product Questions

  • What is the size and weight of HiSmart bag?
  • 12 * 14 * 5 inches (Messenger Bag), 18 * 14 * 5 inches (Backpack).
  • What HiSmart colors are there?
  • Black and Cognac.
  • Is the texture of HiSmart waterproof?
  • Yes, thanks to the waterproof canvas material!
  • What is the largest laptop that will fit your HiSmart?
  • 13-inch laptop in messenger bag mode and 15-inch laptop in backpack mode.
  • How do I clean the bag?
  • You can use a damp cloth to clean the bag.

HiSmart App Questions

  • If I switch to another phone, do my files transfer over?
  • Yes, the HiRemote data is on cloud storage.
  • Where can I download the app?
  • Currently the iOS version is available on our website if you access it using your phone. There will be a menu button that says "App" and you can click download, then "allow" and it will automatically download to your phone. The Android version will be available around mid to late September.

HiSmart Technical Questions

  • How do I turn on the connection?
  • First, open the app and pair it with the remote. During this time, please hold the “play” button on the remote until the light turns green and blinks.
  • How do I check how much battery is left?
  • The HiRemote app shows the battery life of the HiRemote.
  • How long does the HiSmart battery last?
  • The battery lasts for 7-10 hours before needing to recharge.
  • What is the bluetooth connection range?
  • The Bluetooth signal range is about 100ft (30m) without interferences. If it will exceed or already exceeds the range, don’t worry! Your phone will send you a message to notify you before disconnecting.
  • Can I receive phone call while listening to music via HiSmart?
  • No. The music will automatically stop and HiSmart will notify you with the phone call tune.
  • What if I don’t want to connect the bag to my phone all the time?
  • You can turn off the bluetooth connection on your phone so that even if you do carry HiSmart, it will not alert you.
  • How do I charge the HiSmart strap?
  • You can charge it with the micro USB cable provided or with your own USB cable.
  • How does it connect to my phone? Is it Android compatible?
  • It connects via LE 4.0 Bluetooth. The HiRemote is compatible with Apple and we will be making an Android compatible app for it as well!

Purchasing Questions

  • How can I purchase a HiSmart?
  • Currently, the HiSmart is only available for purchase on
  • Do you ship outside of the United States?
  • Yes, we do ship internationally. There is a shipping fee required when you process the order.
  • Can I buy the HiSmart in a store?
  • No, HiSmart is currently not available in stores and can only be purchased online from our website.
  • When will the HiSmart be available?
  • We are currently shipping orders and we plan to complete shipment by late September to early October.
  • I didn't see a transaction appear on my bank account when I pre-ordered the HiSmart. Did my purchase go through?
  • If you have pre-ordered and received a confirmation, it has gone though. However, the payment will not be taken out of your account until your order has shipped.