“A smart bag that could be more useful than a smartwatch” Wired

In the Media

“It's taking a few things we do with our smartphones and putting them in a slightly more convenient place.”
“The metal wheel embedded in that strap acts as a simple control system for your phone.”
“It is the world's first connected convertible messenger bag/backpack.”
“HiSmart is a great product for commuters and other important business people who find themselves in motion a lot.”
“Hong Kong design house Lepow came up with a seriously impressive transforming messenger bag/backpack.”
“It’s stylish, smart and unassuming, something that certainly should bode well for it when it finally arrives on shelves.”
“Amid a spate of high-tech bags on their way to market this spring, the HiSmart convertible urban bag by Lepow aims to stand out.”
“Fashion meets technology in this urban-friendly bag that can be worn as a messenger or backpack.”
“The HiSmart is every adventurer’s dream bag.”
“It's the strap that's got us all hot under the collar, so to speak.”
“Lepow has sought to add tech to bags through its HiSmart Pack which syncs via Bluetooth to a phone or tablet.”
“Move over, smartwatches. 2015 just might be the year of the smartbag.”